How to Read More and Why You Should

“All readers are not leaders but all leaders are readers.”

Harry S. Truman

Most every highly successful person you can think of is a motivated reader. Some highly successful people read upwards of 2-3 hours per day. Warren Buffett, the famous billionaire investor, has been said to read 5-6 hours per day! Incredible. But look where it takes these people, to incredible heights.


I have been a voracious reader myself since before I could even read! I used to bug my Dad every night to read to me in bed. I couldn’t wait until I could read the words myself on the page! By the end of Kindergarten I was pretty much there. As a kid, I went to the library every week, in fact, sometimes twice a week. I checked out tons of books and read most of them cover to cover. If I didn’t like the book at first, I’d move on to another one that interested me. Whenever I found a new subject I was interested in learning more about, my first step was to head to the library. I learned about taking care of my pets, skateboarding, learning French, Karate and several other subjects.

At some point in my adult life though I let other obligations occupy my free time. That was a big mistake. Months would go by before I would visit the library. I’d waste time on the internet, watch movies, sit around bored. I’d forgotten my life long love of reading. Since diving into entrepreneurship and my quest for one day soon to be working only for myself, I have since re-ignited my passion for books and reading. (It helps that I am a Kindle publisher now and love to read other authors’ works.) I also make it a point to write down book titles that other people mention. Whenever I’m watching a YouTube video and someone mentions their top business and success books, I’ll jot them down. I’ve also found great titles from listening to podcasts, audiobooks, and even from inside books themselves.

If you truly want to take your life, your business, your passions, to the next level you must become an AVID reader. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Reading opens the doors to ideas, ideas spurn you to take action, and action changes lives.

I was making a commitment to myself and tracking my daily reading to ensure I was reading 30 minutes a day. I since have a set a new goal for myself after listening to some inspiring audiobooks by Brian Tracy to bump that time up to 1 hour a day. I specifically place reading on my daily goals list so that I don’t forget it. You must schedule it or you will forget it. The reading I’m talking about I’m referring to nonfiction books in your field or other related fields of study. If you love reading fiction that’s great but don’t include that in your daily reading goal. I’m talking about making time for nonfiction books to increase your learning.

Reading is beneficial in so many ways. If you can’t find the time to sit down and read, then locate audiobooks. There are plenty of free ones on YouTube or at the local library. Make reading a priority and I promise it will change your life!


Check out the video I made talking about reading more:

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