How to Take Massive Action


Nothing gets done without taking that first step forward and TAKING ACTION. I’ve found the majority of my obstacles and hurdles lately have both been overcome by taking massive action. If you sit and whine about your problems and struggles, that’s all they will ever be to you. Instead of focusing on them as a bad thing, try a different way. Try seeing your problems as “opportunities”. For every problem that comes your way that you can solve and tackle will increase your abilities in life in so many ways. You will become more confident as a result of overcoming. People will recognize your success as they see you overcoming more and more. The doors of opportunity will open to you. You think you are stuck in this “problem” forever but really all you need to do is to take action, solve it, get it out of the way, and proceed forward to that new level in your life.

I was inspired both in my entrepreneurial life and my personal life by a book I read recently. I’m sure many people have heard of The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone. He is a renowned sales speaker, motivator, author, and just all around go-getter. I’ll admit I was a little turned off by his cockiness on his YouTube videos initially. A few months after grinding away at my side hustle incomes I started watching his videos again. Now, I see his “cockiness” in a different light. It’s more of a confidence in himself and an affirmation that he can do great things, he has done great things, and he will continue to do great things. The premise of the book is the notion that you may think you know what you need to do to accomplish your tasks and goals. But he challenges you to 10X it or times what you think you need to do by 10 times! You will be so far ahead of the game that others in your field will be staring at your dust as you blaze right past them. You absolutely need to set your targets so high that even though you may miss them you will be so much closer to them than if you had only tried the minimum. In taking action, you need to decide to do what other’s won’t if you wish to dominate your field. A couple of other points he brings up are take risks, be unreasonable, go all the way, and focus on the now. It’s all you have. You cannot go back into the past and you cannot jump into the future. All you have is now so make the most of it and start taking action NOW!


Success is all about action. Successful people are the ones actually looking for the problems. They want to solve them while unsuccessful people wish to avoid them. While the successful tackle problems and proceed financially with a much better future, the unsuccessful whine and moan and duck under the covers. Which type of person do you want to be? And what steps will you take to 10X your targets?

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  1. May 9, 2015 at 1:08 pm

    Thanks for a challenging and motivating blog. I’ve just started on the road of becoming a great life coach and am keen to learn as much as I can from your blogs. You inspire me to reach for my full potential. I’m interested to read your views on goal brain-storming. Thanks.

  2. RichLifeHacker
    May 22, 2015 at 4:40 pm

    Awesome! That’s amazing to hear Henry. Life coaching is a dream of mine too! I am currently spending a lot of time building up my side business but will be back to posting some success articles and such soon!

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