Online Income: How I Make Money Online

Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5

Pond5 has been the best to me in terms of sales, customer service, tech support and an outstanding community forum! I upload stock video footage here. My clips range from 5 seconds to 30 seconds long usually (but can go up to 60 seconds). As a contributing artist, I’m allowed to set my own price for each of my clips. I get 50% commission when they sell. I’ve been selling here for 2 years now and made my first sale after 4 months with just under 100 clips online. Becoming a stock video artist is definitely not a way to get rich quick. It takes a long time to build up your portfolio and figure out what sells and what doesn’t sell. I currently have about 1100 clips online and I’m earning about $175-$250 a month here. It can vary widely sometimes.

Shutterstock has been earning me money consistently every month now for the last 6 months or so. My income varies from about $75-150/month here. I get paid around a 20% commission (it varies depending on how the clips are purchased and whether they are through a subscription or not). You are not allowed to set your prices. All HD 1080p clips are priced at $79 and my commission is based off of that. It took some time for me to see any money coming from this site but they have a large base of buyers.

If you watched my YouTube video you heard me mention that all stock footage clips uploaded to istock have to be PICTURE PERFECT. I shoot a variety of subject matter and sometimes the shot may look great but they don’t think it will sell and they will reject that clip. I haven’t earned enough money here to reach my first payout which is $100.


Kindle Publishing


I have only been doing Kindle publishing for a month. My very first published ebook (actually written by me) was a success in my opinion. I ended up making about $70-75 my first month. My other 3 ebooks are newer and have so far made me about $20 sum total. I’m working on scaling up my publishing business, hiring outsourced ghostwriters, and focusing on the marketing end of the publishing. I’m hoping to double my first month’s income next month.


These avenues are how I’m currently making money online. I’m hoping to grow my stock video footage business as well as my Kindle publishing. I had thought about selling products through Amazon FBA program or flipping items on Craigslist but for now I want to just focus on my main two businesses until they are running smoothly and making me enough money to quit my day job. I hope you enjoyed the post, be sure to check out the Youtube video as well!



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